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OpenStudio is free open source scheduling software. Free as in freedom and free as in free class.

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OpenStudio is for anyone who wants to stay in control of their customer base.

OpenStudio started as free yoga studio scheduling software and has grown to provide useful tools for many different kinds of businesses and organizations.

OpenStudio helps you manage customers, classes, teachers, subscriptions, class cards, events and more…

Among others, OpenStudio is used by yoga studios, dance studios and Buddhist centers in many parts of the world.  Basically any organization or business dealing with subscriptions, classes or events could benefit from using OpenStudio.

Manage customers

Rich profiles will let you keep track of what’s happening.

Manage staff

Easy to use staff schedule and feature rich teacher payment system.

Subscriptions & classcards

Flexible studio products to support your business.

Class Schedule

Precisely schedule your rooms & teachers and keep track of attendance.


Upcoming event and you need to sell tickets? No problem!


OpenStudio automatically creates an invoice as soon as anything is sold. Nice!


Clear task lists help you keep track of who needs to do what and when.

Self service logins and profiles

A self service login for your customers and another one for your employees!


Use your logo’s to make OpenStudio blend in with your company style.


An extensive permission system allows you keep customer data secure.


Usefull reports give a quick overview of how your studio is going.

Work anywhere

You just need an internet connection and a web browser to work with OpenStudio.


OpenStudio can integrate into your website, showing the class schedule, events and more.


Allow your customers to signup for your MailChimp mailing lists from their own profiles.

Online payments

The online payment provider Mollie is integrated in OpenStudio. Using Mollie you can accept iDeal payments, credit cards, PayPal and many more…

Exact Online

To keep your accountant happy, OpenStudio integrates with Exact Online.

Testing for Perfection

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Advanced Options

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About OpenStudio

From it’s start as free open source yoga scheduling software OpenStudio has been developed in close cooperation with it’s users. Due to this OpenStudio contains many useful, time saving tools.

Above all, we’re definitely not done yet. Do you have a great idea or would like to start a project with us, please get in touch!

Open source

We believe that in order to be truly useful, software should be developed in the open. Everybody should be able to modify it to suit their specific needs.  It’s good to remember that no two organizations are run in the exact same way. Hence we aim to offer a free (as in free yoga class and in freedom) alternative to proprietary commercial solutions.

Don’t want to deal with any technical stuff? We hear you, affordable hosting plans are available!

Welcome to freedom

A worst case scenario for any business is that a platform they rely on heavily is no longer properly supported.

Thanks to OpenStudio’s open nature you can be sure that your business will be able to keep going. This is because anyone with the technical knowhow will be able to work on OpenStudio and support your business. You can own your OpenStudio installation and all your data in it. As a result you become independent from any specific vendor. Welcome to freedom.